J-1 Student Category On-Campus Employment Authorization Request

J-1 regulations require the ISSO to authorize on-campus student employment in advance, before the employment begins. Authorization can be granted in periods of up to 12 months at a time. Students in good standing are eligible for on-campus employment authorization. Employment is limited to 20 hours a week except for official school breaks and the student's annual vacation, when it may be full-time. Use this form to request your on-campus employment authorization from the ISSO and the ISSO will update your SEVIS record with the information you submit. (22 CFR 62.23(g))

Upon submission of this form, your browser will display an acknowledgement of your submission. The ISSO will contact you if there are any concerns.

If your DS-2019 was not issued by Columbia University, you must contact your program sponsor to request employment authorization.

DO NOT omit the letter at the beginning of your SEVIS ID. Your SEVIS ID is the number above the bar code at the top right corner of your DS-2019.

*Family name as on your DS-2019

*Given name as on your DS-2019

Middle name as on your DS-2019

*Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)

*Email Address
You will receive an email with your submission only if you use your UNI-based Columbia email address (abc1234@columbia.edu).

Columbia location at which you will be employed:
Morningside CUMC LDEO Nevis Labs

Number of hours per week

Employment start date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Expected employment end date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Columbia department name

Department address 1

Department address 2

Statement of Understanding

I acknowledge that my on-campus employment is limited to no more than 20 hours per week during the semester and may be full-time only during official breaks (winter break, spring break week and summer).
Yes No


After submitting the completed form, your browser will display an Acknowledgement page that is your authorization from the ISSO for on-campus employment as described in this form. Print the Acknowledgement page and bring it to the I-9 office in Kent Hall if your hiring department tells you to complete the I-9 process.