Notification of Less Than Full-Time Registration During Final Term

Under Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regulations, students in F-1 or J-1 status who are eligible to enroll for less than full-time registration during the last term of their academic program must have authorization from the ISSO updated to their SEVIS record. Before requesting authorization for less than full-time registration status during your last term, consult closely with your academic adviser so that you are certain you will meet all degree requirements, including any theses and projects, during the last term.

Submit this online form only after you have registered for less than full-time by the end of the normal registration period. Go to SSOL to confirm your registration status.

If your school has a minimum registration requirement, you are still required to comply with that academic requirement, even though immigration regulations allow for a lesser number in the last term.

School of Continuing Education:  With the exception of the MS degree programs, students enrolled in the School of Continuing Education may not enroll for less than full-time registration status during your last term. ALL non-degree students in F-1 status must be registered full-time every semester at Columbia, regardless of the School in which you are enrolled.

1.5 Credit Courses:  Engineering, Business and any other students enrolling in one or more 1.5 credit courses of courses during the final term must enroll in the first 1.5 course period of the fall or spring term.

If you will complete all degree requirements during the first mini-course period, your I-20 is shortened to the last day of the first mini-course period and you must apply for post-completion OPT no later than 60 days after the last day of the first mini-course period.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) and School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) Students:

Students in GSAS or SIPA programs who register for residence units (RU) must take full RUs until you fulfill the RU requirement for your degree. After that, GSAS requires registration for extended residence for M.A. students until requirements are completed. This means that international students will never register for half or quarter residence units.

Students in GSAS or SIPA who register for Extended Residence after completing their full-time RU requirements are still considered to have full-time registration status at Columbia, regardless of the number of credit points, and should not submit this reduced course load form.

Students in GSAS stand-alone MA programs with per-point registration (American Studies, Human Rights Studies, Islamic Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Modern European Studies, South Asian Studies) and students in any SIPA program with per-point registration should submit this form if they require fewer than 12 points to complete degree requirements in the final term.

Ph.D. students may have an option to register for Matriculation and Facilities (M & F) if all coursework has been completed and you are working on the dissertation requirement for your degree. M & F is considered a full-time registration status by the registrar when you also have the University health insurance or health insurance deemed comparable by Health Services.

Health Insurance and Columbia Health Program Enrollment Advisory
As a part-time student, the University does not automatically bill you for health insurance and the Columbia Health Program UNLESS this is the spring term and you had health insurance during the fall term. However, the ISSO strongly advises all international students to enroll in the Columbia Health Program and the student health insurance plan. You can enroll online on the Columbia Health web site. Students in J-1 status are ALWAYS required to have health insurance.

Medical care in the U.S. is private. If you do not have health insurance and become ill or are injured and require medical attention, you will be responsible for all costs associated with your illness or injury - physician costs, medication costs, hospital costs, emergency transport (ambulance) costs. A single emergency room visit can cost more than the health insurance premium. If you are admitted to the hospital for treatment, the financial consequences can be catastrophic. You will be asked to acknowledge that you have read this information before this form can be submitted.

Last revised 01/31/2014

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If you are enrolled in a non-degree and/or certificate program in the School of Continuing Education, you may not register for fewer than 12 points during your last term.

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